The 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) Research Forum is an opportunity for researchers and camp professionals to share and discuss new research related to campers, camp staff, camp programs, and a wide variety of other camp-related topics. Studies are blind peer-reviewed and accepted based on their relevance to the camp field and the rigor of their methods, and presented both orally and in a poster session each year at the 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) National Conference .

Abstracts from all of the research presented at the Forum are available by year, and include the name and contact information for the researcher. Questions about specific studies should be directed to the researcher; questions about the Forum can be submitted to .

Also presented at the Forum each year is the research conducted by the winner of the  Marge Scanlin Award for Outstanding Student Research and the camp recipents of the Eleanor P. Eells Award for Excellence in Research in Practice (hyperlink).

Interested in submitting an abstract to the 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) Research Forum?