Adult Perceptions of Outcomes' Growth

Two new versions of the  鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB  were created to allow adults to make reliable and valid judgments about children’s outcome achievements:

  • 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB: Staff Perceptions  (YOB-SP) (two formats)
  • 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB: Parent Perceptions  (YOB-PP) (two formats)

These versions offer administrators feedback from staff and/or parents on outcomes' growth in the youth in their programs, especially very young participants.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB: Staff and Parent Perceptions  ($75 member/ $225 non-member) (PDF download)

Once purchased, multiple copies can be made as needed with no time limitations.

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What Is Measured?

Nine of the eleven original  YOB  outcomes were retained in both the staff and parent versions:

  • Affinity for Exploration (AE)
  • Friendship Skills (FS)
  • Affinity for Nature (AN)
  • Camp Connectedness (CC)
  • Perceived Competence (PC)
  • Responsibility (RESP)
  • Independence (IND)
  • Teamwork Skills (TW)
  • Problem Solving Confidence (PSC)

Note: Family Citizenship Behavior (FCB) outcome was also included on the  鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB: Parent Perceptions .

We recommend that programs measure a small subset of these outcomes that align with your specific goals rather than assessing all of the available outcomes. Intentional efforts around two or three outcomes are likely to result in more meaningful growth in young participants. The 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB: Staff Perceptions results also lend themselves for use with a parent progress report.

What Is a Parent Progress Report?

One new feature of the  鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) YOB: Staff Perceptions  version is the ability to create a Parent Progress Report, which helps communicate to parents about a child’s strengths and weakness as observed by staff during a camp session. Using the  YOB: Staff Perceptions  measure in this way results in several advantages:

  • Staff can note three to five items/areas of strength (or growth) and two to three areas that remain a challenge for that child directly from language in their Staff Perceptions report.
  • Staff can provide specific examples of these components for an outcome or set of outcomes while the child attended camp.
  • Using a template letter, the camp or youth program administrators and staff can create specific and unique feedback to parents on the strengths and weaknesses (status) orgrowth (change) of a child. Staff can use the language from the measure to help provide concrete, constructive comments specific to each child under that staff person’s care to be shared with the parent as progress over time (additional specifics are in the detailed directions later in this document).

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