Why Camp Membership?

鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) supports your camp or program with staff training resources, risk management tools, quality assessment tools, advocacy, experts, networking, savings, and more!

As a member of 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录), your camp will become part of a dynamic and knowledgeable community that will support your work toward professionalism, qualified staff, and superior programming. You will be better equipped to serve your campers, participants, and families.

Organizations who become members of 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录) may also choose to accredit their camps or programs. 鲸鱼电竞app赛事(鲸鱼电竞注册登录)-Accredited® camps and member camps enjoy many benefits.

Get Inspired! Get Empowered! Get Connected! Gain Critical Insight, Knowledge, and Experience!

Benefits of Camp Membership

Does a Member Camp Need to Become Accredited?

No. This membership category was created for camps that are not currently pursuing accreditation. If you are interested in seeking accreditation,  apply here .

Camp Membership — Rates begin at $395

If your camp is seeking accreditation, please contact the  membership team  or call 765-342-8456 press 1.

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