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Out and About: Creating a Safe Environment for LGBTQ Campers and Staff

It was June 2006. I had been conducting staff training at a coed camp in the Northeast. I had already spoken to the entire staff about the “real work” of camp, which I see as helping campers use the...

Expanding the Impact of Camp: From Individual Lives to Societal Change

This article is part of Camping Magazine ’s series on inclusion, identifying and exploring both big picture and on-the-ground actionable pathways for application through participant...

Indigenous Instructional Programming for Camp Professionals

Camp professionals are taking a greater interest in the concept of  allyship , a process of unlearning and re-evaluating whereby those in positions of privilege attempt to adopt a stance...

Discussing Identity, Equity, and Authenticity at Camp

Use these skills for developing more equitable communities where staff and campers feel included in spaces where they want to belong.

The Harm of Hawaiian and Luau-Themed Camp Events

Native Hawaiian Gisele Bisch discusses how luau-themed events are detrimental to the way people view Native Hawaiians and Hawaii.